Author Reach is a great email marketing tool specifically designed for the author. I haven't seen anything else like it out there... they are on the cutting edge of what it takes to build your brand and your email list.

Colleen Helme

Best-selling author of the Shelby Nichols Adventure Series

The numbers don’t lie. I‘ve gone from 3,000 email subscribers to 8,200 in the short time since I switched to Author Reach. My “open” rate is always above 50%....

Micheal Maxwell

Best Selling Author of the Cole Sage Series

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What is Author Reach?

It’s an email marketing platform designed to help authors connect with new readers and fellow writers. By networking, AR authors can reach new audiences and grow their own platforms while helping their subscribers connect with writers who create similar works.

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Powerful Email Marketing

Easy To Use Features Designed Specifically With The Author In Mind

Capture visitors' email addresses to convert them into followers and repeat buyers

Use sign-up forms to capture readers' email addresses. This is the most effective way to gaining new followers that purchase more than just one book.

Send emails

Do you want to let your followers know about your new book or a book you just discounted? Sending an email is the most effective marketing tool you can use to get the word out about your book.

How many emails can I send?

You can send unlimited emails

Automate email sending

Save time by automatically sending emails with an autoresponder. Setting up an autoresponder email when a reader signs up to follow you, or signs up for a free book is really simple and one of the best ways to make sure emails are opened.

High deliverability

We use industry standard delivery servers and infrastructure so that you can be sure we are doing our part to get your emails to your readers.


We provide all the analytics you need so you can monitor and track the successfulness of each email. Learn what is working and what is not to help you sell more books.

Need to move your contacts/subscribers from your current email service? We can do it for you, for free

High Converting Lead Generation Pages

Effortlessly Set Up Your Custom Lead Pages And Easily Identify Your Top Performing Pages

Multiple Pre-built templates to choose from

We know you're not a website designer so we have built templates that convert. You can choose one and make simple modifications to fit your unique look.

How Simple?

Fill out less than 10 inputs, click publish, and that's it. Your page will be ready to direct visitors to and convert them into followers.

Unlimited Pages

Create unlimited pages so that you can test what works.


We give you analytics for each of your pages so you learn which pages are converting best and leading to more followers.

Engaging Author Profile Pages

In Just Minutes Create A Professional Looking Page That Highlights Your Personality and Your Books

I already have an author website. Am I required to have a profile page to take advantage of the other features?

No, this is not required. We do however recommend that you set it up so we have the information we need to do some advertising for you, but it is not required.


We have built in the ability for you to blog on your profile page. And as an extra benefit, if you have a popular article, we will promote it for you.

Really, in minutes?

Yes, it could take you less than 5 minutes to have your page designed and ready to go. It's really simple to do!

Professionally Designed

The Profile Page design was built professionally, with authors in mind so your page will look great. Additionally we designed it in a way that attracts more followers and readers.

Highlight Your Personality

We have built in the capability for you to customize your profile so it suits your personality and reflects your genre.

Targeted Reader Marketing

With a Portion of Your Monthly Fee Going To Marketing, We Will Attract Targeted Readers To Help You Grow Your Following.

We advertise for you

A portion of your monthly fee goes to attracting readers to see your books. We will use our advertising expertise to find readers that will like your books.

Free Book Pages

We place your free books on the free book pages as a way to get your book in front of more readers. Each week we send an email to readers with all the new free books and promote the books with Facebook advertising, all at no additional cost to you.

Everything we do is focused on helping you sell books

Author Connect
coming soon

Easily Connect with Other Authors Similar to You, to Trade Email Blasts.

How does it work?

We provide an interface that makes it very simple. We show you all other authors that have similar subscriber counts as you (or less), along with the category of books they write, the number of subscribers they have, and their email's average open rate. This allows you to be able to pick the best authors to connect with. Once you find an author you want to connect with, it's as simple as clicking a button. If that author agrees, they will contact you back and you work out the details.

What if I don't want to be a part of Author Connect?

This is an optional feature so you are only included if you opt in.

Countless Additional Features

Numerous Other Features & Even More In The Works!

Ad swapping

An optional feature that allows similar authors' books to be displayed on your profile page and in exchange your book(s) will be displayed on their pages. A great feature that gets your book exposed to new readers!

Integration with Facebook Bots

We can set you up with a free Facebook bot and integrate it with your Author Reach account in a way that makes it easy to manage.

And more coming soon...

Competitive Pricing

Because Everything Is Created Specifically For Authors, We Save You Money.

If You bought these features separately...

With all the features we are offering, if you were to buy them separately, you would be paying well over $50 a month with the other services. But with Author Reach it starts at just $19 a month. Read more about pricing here.

How can we do this at such a great price?

We have created all the features specific to authors. Websites that sell these features separately, have so many additional features that authors just don't need. Author Reach has taken all the features you need as an author and thrown out the ones you don't, which reduces our costs, and allows us to charge less.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not.

R.A.R.E Customer Service
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